Solid Diamond Cut Rope Chain Bracelet and Anklet, 10k Fine Gold, 2.5mm (0.1")


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Our Fine Gold Thin Diamond Cut Rope Chain Bracelet and Anklet is the perfect simplistic, modern jewelry piece, designed for everyone. It has an ideal thickness of 2.5 mm, which is the perfect thickness for a feminine, minimalist jewelry piece. Whether you would like to use it as a bracelet or anklet, you can style this piece many ways. Because of its durable and high-quality materials and designs, it will remain in perfect condition after years as well. This piece is made from top quality 10k fine yellow gold with a diamond cut rope finish and is available in 4 different sizes and two colors (Yellow Gold and Rose Pink Gold) to fit everyone's individual taste. Gold is not only a very luxurious touch to our piece, it also makes this bracelet and anklet a diverse jewelry, that can be worn for any occasion. While the 7-8 inch range is perfect for women as bracelets, we offer three different anklet sizes: 9 inch is for a tight anklet, 10 inch is a regular fit.

This bracelet and anklet has a comfortable lobster claw clasp, so you can easily put it on, take it off and wear it throughout the day. We ensure our chain is extremely sturdy and solid, so you can wear it everyday for years and will still remain in amazing condition. This bracelet was designed to be very subtle, thin and feminine with a thickness of 2.5 mm, so it is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones.

Our Fine Gold Thin Diamond Cut Rope Chain Bracelet and Anklet will look amazing...

...with a gold ring and with a red or burgundy dress

Weight (approx.)

7 inch - 2.6 grams 8 inch - 2.9 grams 9 inch - 3.2 grams 10 inch - 3.5 grams 11 inch - 3.8 grams Yellow Gold 10” - UPC 818376020511
Yellow Gold 7” - UPC 818376020528
Yellow Gold 8” - UPC 818376020535
Yellow Gold 9" - UPC 818376020542
Rose Gold 10” - UPC 818376020559
Rose Gold 7” - UPC 818376020566
Rose Gold 8” - UPC 818376020573
Rose Gold 9” - UPC 818376020580
White Gold 10” - UPC 818376020597
White Gold 7” - UPC 818376020603
White Gold 8” - UPC 818376020610
White Gold 9” - UPC 818376020627

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