10k Curb Cuban Chain Necklace, 0.16 Inch (4mm), All Sizes, Sterling Silver or Fine Gold


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We all need a simple, yet stunning necklace in our jewelry collection -
and this is exactly why our Gold Curb Cuban Chain Necklace was created.
Because of its versatile and timeless style, our gold curb Cuban chain necklace
can be worn by anyone, anytime, in endless ways and styling options.
Available for both men and women, this jewelry piece will become one
of your most-loved and most-worn jewelry items in your collection.

Whether you decide to wear it by itself or add pendants, the solid
material of the gold chain will stay durable throughout the years, and
will look great each way. For a simple overall look, we recommend
styling it by itself, and for special occasions, you can add a few pendants
on it. With its various material options, it is a versatile piece that can be
easily customized for anyone’s personal preference.

This necklace will make a great for your loved ones as well.
You can also choose the material (fine 10k white, yellow or
two-toned gold with or without a white pave design), and to
ensure your loved one gets the highest quality present,
we provide a gift packaging as well.

Our 10k Fine gold Curb Cuban Chain Necklace will look amazing...

...a denim or all-white look

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