Floreo 10k Yellow Gold Nugget Heart Pendant with Optional Necklace


Pendant Size
Optional Necklace

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Fine 10k yellow gold heart shape nugget pendant with optional 10k gold box chain necklace.
The pendant is available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.
A presentable gift box is included.

Dimensions and Weight

Height (without the bail) : 25.5 millimeter (1 inch)
Width: 25.5 millimeter (1 inch)
Height (with the bail): 34.4 millimeter (1.35 inch)
Weight (approx.): 3.6 grams

Height (without the bail) : 19 millimeter (0.75 inch)
Width: 19 millimeter (0.75 inch)
Height (with the bail): 27 millimeter (1.05inch)
Weight (approx.): 1.9 grams

Height (without the bail) : 13 millimeter (0.50 inch)
Width: 13 millimeter (0.50 inch)
Height (with the bail): 19 millimeter (0.75 inch)
Weight (approx.): 1.2 grams

Length: 18 inch
Width: 0.8 millimeter
Weight (approx.): 2 grams

  • Fine 10k Yellow Gold
  • Sparkle heart shape nugget pendant
  • Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large
  • Optional 10k gold solid box chain necklace, 18 inch
  • Gift box included

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