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Dimensions & Weight (approx.) A - Extra Small Height: 0.9 inch (22.2 millimeter) - Width: 0.6 inch (16.2 millimeter) - Depth: 0.1 inch (2.5 millimeter) - Weight: 1.3 grams B - Small Height: 1.1 inch (27.8 millimeter) - Width: 0.8 inch (20 millimeter) - Depth: 0.1 inch (2.5 millimeter) - Weight: 2 grams C - Medium Height: 1.4 inch (33.6 millimeter) - Width: 1 inch (29 millimeter) Depth: 0.2 inch (6.1 millimeter) - Weight: 3.4 grams D - Large Height: 1.7 inch (44 millimeter) - Width: 1.4 inch (34.5 millimeter) Depth: 0.3 inch (7.3 millimeter) - Weight: 7.7 grams E - Extra Large Height: 2.2 inch (55 millimeter) - Width: 1.7 inches (43 millimeter) Depth: 0.3 inch (8.5 millimeter) - Weight: 8.6 grams

Our XOXO Love Earrings are made out of 10k yellow gold in order to deliver jewelry items that are safe, stylish and comfortable to wear.

Although our real gold earrings are fashionable, they are also hypoallergenic. Yes. Everyone can wear our zinc-free earrings, even those with metal allergies!

Furthermore, the latch back allows you to almost effortlessly and securely apply the earrings and quickly remove them. The genuine gold earrings are also fairly lightweight, which means they don't stretch or pull and are comfortable enough for all day wear.

Since we know that size preference can vary depending on the woman and the style she is trying to achieve, we offer these gold earrings in 5 different sizes. Select the size you desire or grab one of each to start your own collection!

Hoop Sizes Available: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

These beautiful gold earrings by Floreo make a wonderful gift idea for fashionistas of all ages! Give a pair as a Mother's Day Gift, one as a teen's birthday gift, one as an anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend or as a 'thank you' gift for a friend.

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